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SiteTools® v3.5

SiteTools® is a content management system, a shopping cart with integrated real time UPS (United Parcel Service) shipping rate calculations to anywhere that UPS delivers world wide, and an on line marketing tool. It includes easy updating of key information on your site from any browser anywhere in the world. You don't need to buy any other software or learn a new program. User authentication system and password protected.

The latest version of SiteTools® includes the following components:

News System - Add, Edit, or Delete News postings. One of the most important elements of any site. If you want return visits to your site, give new information.

Links - Add, Edit or Delete Link postings. This allows you or anyone else to add a link to other resources. It makes visitors feel at home and you can request them to also link to your web page.

Coupon Referral System - Add or Delete special offer(s) anytime you want. Multiple special offers allowed. Let your existing customers recommend their friends. Reward them with a special offer. became the largest email service provider in 18 months using this technique.

Discounts to selected users - A predefined discount off posted prices can be given to selected users. The discount is automatically calculated in the shopping cart system.

Discussion or Message Forum - Add, edit, or delete posted items. Allows anyone to contribute to a discussion of any topic of your choosing. Gives people a reason to return to your site.

Manage your Newsletter/Mailing List - send out an email to everyone on your list easily! This can be done in plain text or using html code. View the name and email address of everyone on your list.

User Database: View or delete users, and send an email to only registered users who have created an account. Each user can have a defined access level to determine rights to each individual area of the Staff Administration page.

Product Catalogue. Add your own photos, descriptions, and prices etc. of products and/or services. A three level system is now available: Catagory, Subcategory, and individual item.

Time Based Specials. Special offers on catalog items or combination of items can be displayed automatically between user defined dates. The link to the specials will disappear automatically if there are no items on special at any particular time.

File Upload Utility. Add images (jpg or gif) or pdf files to reference in the News, Calendar, or Product Catalog. This file are uploaded directly from your computer.

Static Page Editor. Your web site can also be set up so that each static page can be user editable, and links on a particular page can be automatically generated, edited, or deleted as required.

Secure Shopping Cart Page. You may elect to have your shopping cart check out on our secure server. This is recommended if you are collecting sensitive information on the internet. This information is encrypted so no prying eyes can intercept and view it. As an option you can also have your own separate secure site and certificate.

Our interactive features allow you to control your site, and make important changes when you want!

We handle all the behind the scenes technical details and programming. All you need to know is how to enter your password and type! Please supply us with all your data in an editable electronic format. We can handle MS Office, Corel WordPerfect Office, Adobe PageMaker, and others.


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